Walking After You

November 04, 2012  •  Leave a Comment

Unintentionally, I have been taking videos without any plan of showing it to the world. 

I found this one when I was updating my external hard drive. This was made last summer, during the last week of August 2012, in Ocean City, Maryland. It was still dark, around 5ish in the morning. I got up to get a glimpse of the wonderful sunrise. Although it was hazy and there's an obvious storm brewing, I managed to capture the magnificent hue of the sky that day. It was eerie, sitting alone at the beach, watching the tiny mudcrabs scuttling across the wet sand.

While waiting for mother sun, I walked and walked along the shore, playing with the waves and videotaping for no apparent reason.  I'm glad I did. I got at least 3 lovely photos out of it.

Another thing I wanted to add, my friend Abigail Obrero-Devera left for Germany with her family last night. I was thinking of her when I was editing this video. I know we're even farther, now even oceans apart, but I believe what you said that you'll never be far. You know what? I will never go away too. 

Here's my video, I thought the song goes very well with it. Enjoy! And to my Romel, my other BFF, here's a thought honey, " I will always walk after you."


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